Monday, December 19, 2011

"Apples", and some unfinished business

"Apples", oil on canvas panel
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I haven't done a pastel still life in months, mostly because I've been painting with oil, but I still go to drawing sessions. For different reasons I think some of the better drawings are the ones that are unfinished. I felt some had a strong start, or I tried something different and didn't mess up too badly.

I really liked this pose. I think I established the lights and darks, but I ran out of time before I could get into the middle tones.
There aren't a lot of male models around, so it's a change of pace when one models for a session. That said, I liked the pose and I trying to work with value shapes while using a few lines as possible. I tried to used the ground to shape the subject and add hard edges and lines later on. Totally different from the way I'm used to drawing.

Anyway, feel free to comment.


  1. wonderful work. I especially love the expressive quality of the figure drawings.

  2. the bodies seem to emerge, love to see them! and your still life work is always stunning!
    go baby go!