Friday, September 18, 2009

Figure Drawing Sessions are Back

Now that the figure sessions have started up again after a month long hiatus I can get in more practice drawing the face and figure. I really wish I could do this more often, but there are about four or five sessions I know of now, so there's an opportunity for practice at least four times a week. This figure drawing was done at the St. Augustine Art Association. I've included a closeup of the face (more like a profile).

Feel free to criticize or comment.

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Go Figure" show

Butterfield Too art gallery in St. Augustine, FL had an opening titled "Go Figure". It featured the art of about 8-9 artists who are regulars at the figure session held on Tuesday evenings. The artists are really talented, and the drawings showed different styles, perspectives, and media to depict the nude or partially nude model. Artists worked in pencil, pastel, oil, and conte. I used conte crayons for these sessions. I had about six works on display; here are three of them. The figure was done at this session, and the portrait was done at another open figure drawing session, one hosted by the St. Augustine Art Association.

This figure was done in an 8-hour open figure session at the Artistree art gallery at Jacksonville Beach. The model holds the pose for 20-25 minutes, takes a break, and resumes the pose. We took a break for lunch and finished the session at around 5 pm. There's never enough time to totally finish a drawing, even after 7-8 hours spent working on a drawing. Oh well...

Feel free to comment or criticize.